Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts

Achieve Brown County creates the conditions for a community-led collective impact that not only advances positive, cradle-to-career outcomes for all young people, but changes the fundamental systems of our society that shapes opportunity.  Below are tangible outcomes seen through our collective impact work in 2020 and 2021.

In July 2020 Achieve Brown County shared the progress of the organization with the Board of Directors.  A few long-standing partners shared why they partnered with us and the benefits they have received along the way.  The highlights from the presentation can be found here: 2020 Organization Update

Achieve Brown County has collaborated with: 16 Non-profit organizations
14 Educational Institutions
3 Health Care Systems
3 Government Agencies
1 Sovereign Nation
Impact of Partnership
Prevea/HSHS: Aligning on Developmental Screening Results:

  • Formed the Community Online ASQ System (COAS) Team
  • Gathering Data
  • Enhancing partnerships
  • Helping more children in Brown County
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Green Bay: Scaling a Transformational Program Results: 

  • Piloted new school-based model of Be Great: Graduate mentoring program (Alpha Test)
  • Developed a systematic process for replication & evaluation (Beta Test)
  • Scaled from supporting 20 students to being able to reach 200 students in the upcoming academic year (Gamma Test)
Bellin Health: Realizing a Full Return-on-Investment
SysLogic, Inc.: Unleashing the Potential of Community Data Results:  

  • Potential increased impact, sustainability and SORI of the Community Information System
StriveTogether: Strengthening a National Movement Results:

  • Groundbreaking work to integrate data systems
  • COVID-19 resource mapping tool
  • Partnering to drive state policy change