Early Childhood System of Care Action Team

We announced the closing of the Early Childhood System of Care Action Team in late 2021. This is the longest standing Action Team launched by ABC in early 2017 and was previously known as Action Team 1.1.  Over the years the team has seen many system improvements. The work is not yet done.  A portion of the work of this team will live on in the individual health systems where they will work directly with Birth-to-3 to improve the patient referral process and subsequent communication.  In terms of ensuring every child in Brown County has access to appropriate developmental supports, the ABC Community Online Ages and Stages Action Team, also known as COAS, will continue to promote the use of the ASQ. Together, we are committed to making sure every child in Brown County is ready for kindergarten.

Please join us in thanking the Early Childhood System of Care Action Team Members who collaborated to improve outcomes for ALL kids in Brown County.

Physical, social-emotional, and cognitive screenings are an important step in identifying and edifying developmental delays that may occur in early childhood. The health care system provides regular Well Child visits to many Brown County children, and these visits include screenings. Many of the children identified with potential developmental delays are referred to the Brown County Birth to Three Program for additional support. In our community, the data shows that more than 50% of children ages 0-3 who are identified as having potential developmental delays do not receive service. We also know that there is no formal detection system for social-emotional delays for our kids.

The opportunity for Action Team One is to integrate a standardized system that connects the screenings for early childhood developmental delays done in the health systems with the Birth to Three Program. After launching in March 2017, Action Team One has worked to develop a universal standard of care across health systems to give all kids access to culturally sensitive developmental screenings. By improving communication between primary care providers, parents, and Birth-to-3 staff, we can ensure that all children receive the necessary supports for a foundation of success in kindergarten and beyond.

Team Leadership

Achieve Brown County Team

Team Members

  • Ashley Hale, Advocate Aurora Health Care
  • Kathy Kerscher, Bellin Health
  • Jill Spejcher, Bellin Health
  • Christina Courtney, Birth to 3
  • Kim Fenendael, Birth to 3
  • Colleen Peebles, Hospital Sisters Health System/Prevea Health
  • Seugnet DeBauche, Bellin Health