Who We Are

Our Vision

We strive towards a Brown County where cradle-to-career systems are equitable for every young person, regardless of race, income, zip code or circumstance.

Our Mission

We use data and rally community to co-create equitable conditions so every young person can thrive.

Achieve Brown County is a backbone organization for community-led collective impact.

Achieve Brown County’s roles:

To track, analyze, and disperse county-wide data on the seven most important milestones in a young person’s life. Success in these milestones will guarantee if a young person has the skills they need to grow to be an adult that has a good job with a livable wage.

To share where data shows a system is faulty and not meeting the needs of our young people. We inspire individuals and organizations to believe in and want to be involved in improving these outcomes.

To convene, facilitateand support community wide action aimed to fix the systems level problems facing our young people.

Brown County is flourishing with those who care about our community’s young people — from parents and educators to civic, non-profit and business leaders — and we can accomplish more by working together than by working independently. 

Achieve Brown County is a member of a national network of local communities striving to achieve racial and socioeconomic equity for economic mobility of our young people (ages 0-26). As one of 70 organizations in the national StriveTogether network, we have the training, processes, and trust to make real change in cradle-to-career systems.

We convene, facilitate and support the efforts of businesses, non-profits, schools, government agencies and individual community members already making strives towards change in our community to align and to create systems change so we can have truly equitable conditions so every young person can thrive.

Our Core Values

We focus on what connects us rather than what separates us and communicate to each other with transparency and integrity.

We fail forward even if no one is watching, have the tough conversations no one likes having and take risks in pursuit of results.

We seek and value all types of diversity, put equity into action daily and strive to dismantle inequities, including those present in ourselves, our organization and our communities.

We share learning and progress in real time, view professional development as personal growth and fix problems through continuous improvement.

We use data and evidence to make decisions and hold each other accountable for getting results.