Digital Access Team

The Digital Access Team was created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the prevalence of offsite/online learning modalities, digital access has become more important than ever. The team is focused on providing opportunities for K-12 students as well as post-secondary students to connect with internet-enabled devices as well as adequate internet access. The team is focused on the Brown County area and within the New North region, a region of Northeast Wisconsin comprised of 18 counties. This team consists of 12 community members who play important roles in connecting students as well as the community with the necessary devices and internet connectivity to succeed in work and life.

Brown County, a member of the Digital Access Team, has partnered with Geo Partners LLC, and is working to ensure that everyone has access to quality internet connectivity in the county region. To help us accomplish this goal, they are requesting that as many people as possible take an Internet Speed Test.  Through this speed test, you will testing your internet speed through the GEO crowdsourcing system. The data collected from your speed test will be added to Brown County speed test data and will be used to address existing broadband issues through:

  • Identification of school districts that may need additional services for remote learning
  • Identification of regions that are not being served but are near other regions that are served by an ISP. Regions not currently served may be able to negotiate for expansion of ISP service areas.
  • Identification of regions that may already be defined as well-served but are actually not.
  • Identification of regions where broadband is available, but unaffordable to some members of the community.

Click here to view the tests done to date.

 WiFi Hotspots Map in Brown County

This map is a tool for the community to utilize during the COVID-19 pandemic with the prevalence of classrooms shifting to offsite/virtual platforms. It gives a comprehensive list of available public Wi-Fi in the Brown County area for public usage.  The Digital Access Team is working to consistently update the map to reflect the current situation so that students and their families have improved digital access during these difficult times.

Disclaimer: While this mapping tool attempts to provide the public with publicly accessible Wi-Fi locations, it is no guarantee of access. Please practice discretion and use best judgement practices while utilizing these Wi-Fi services. Social distancing practices and public property access apply at these locations. Achieve Brown County does not guarantee security or access to these sites.

Team Leadership

Ann McCotter, Director of Collaborative Action
Achieve Brown County

Mai Chong Her, Project Team Lead
Achieve Brown County – AmeriCorps VISTA

Team Members

  • August Neverman, Brown County
  • Sister Melanie Maczka, Casa ALBA Melanie
  • Amy Bires, CESA 7
  • Mitchell Huenink, Fox Valley Technical College
  • Josh Patchak, Green Bay Area Public Schools
  • Diana Delbecchi, Green Bay Area Public Schools
  • Barb LaMue, New North
  • Jerry Murphy, NEWERA
  • Daniel Mincheff, Northeast WI Technical College
  • Karl Reischl, Northeast WI Technical College
  • Ben Joniaux, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay