Our Process

What Guides Us

Underlying Achieve Brown County’s entire approach is a commitment to four key principles. These principles are always relevant and critical to our success, regardless of what we are specifically doing and who we are doing it with. They are:

Engage the community

Advance equity

Develop a culture of continuous improvement

Leverage existing resources

How We Work

We create the conditions for community-led collective impact that not only advance positive, cradle-to-career outcomes for all young people, but change the fundamental systems of our society that shape opportunity. Our process is founded on proven collaborative improvement methodology and organized into three pillars — categories of work that are necessary for achieving truly transformational and sustainable results.

Shared Community Vision

Shared Community Vision

Build and maintain a shared community vision and common framework for measurably improving outcomes from cradle to career

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Collect, research, and analyze community data to paint a complete picture of what’s going on with young people and inform and guide collective decision making

Collaborative Action

Collaborative Action

Facilitate and support alignment on and pursuit of sustainable, collaborative action that makes the biggest difference and affects system change

These three pillars are rooted in the StriveTogether Theory of Action™. Built on lessons from StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network members, this nationally recognized approach helps communities build and sustain the civic infrastructure necessary to improve outcomes and close gaps from cradle to career. Civic infrastructure is how a community holds itself collectively accountable and organizes to implement a cradle-to-career vision.

This shared framework acts as a guide for developing civic infrastructure that meets and adapts to the unique needs of our community. The rigorous standards and focus on results distinguish our approach from traditional collaboration and other collective impact approaches. The theory of action is the Cradle to Career Network’s approach to quality collective impact.