Systems Indicators

The evidence-based decision-making pillar within the StriveTogether Theory of Action™ emphasizes the importance of building a rich culture of data use for narrowing disparities. This guidance document is intended to support network members in identifying, collecting and reporting data related to systems and structures that contribute to or interrupt racial disparities in education and employment outcomes. This focus on interrogating indicators at the systems level acknowledges that systemic inequity perpetuates opportunity gaps and disproportionately burdens communities of color. Ultimately, when we couple individual-level indicators with systems-level indicators, we hold organizations and institutions accountable to create the conditions where all children, youth and their families can thrive no matter their race, place, education or income level.

Download the StriveTogether guide below.

A Guide To Racial And Ethnic Equity Systems Indicators

Race/ethnicity of teachers relative to student body

School climate/discipline