Collective Response Team

The Brown County Collective Response Team was formed in 2020 in response to the global pandemic. Community partners wanted a space to discuss the disruptions of everyday life that the COVID-19 was causing, share information on supports offered throughout the community, and assess unmet needs for the community.

The primary purpose of this team is information sharing. Organizations in attendance share information about the community they support as well as learn about other offerings in the community. Attending these meetings also allows you to learn more about Achieve Brown County and the work we do to support equity for ALL kids in Brown County. Each team meeting features a speaker related to the team’s purpose. In the last few months, featured speakers have included CIRCLES Green Bay and The Boys & Girls Club.

The team is open invite and meets virtually every other month on Thursday mornings from 10am-11am. If you would like to receive a meeting invitation for this team, please email