COAS Action Team

The foundation of the Community Online ASQ System Project Team, Action Team 1.1 has encountered barriers with regard to technology and communication that prevent clinics from administering regular ASQ screenings and impede reliable communication between team members. These barriers sparked the need for a new project team that would focus on building a community-wide provider network, ensuring all kids have access to developmental screenings.

The goals of the COAS Project Team are to determine a method by which reliable communication may be maintained between all partners and to forge a solution that will continue to adapt to the changing needs and technologies of Action Team 1.1 members, in addition to future Brown County community partners.

Providing universal ASQ screenings via an electronic network of early childhood service providers will increase the quality of care for children and families through wraparound services, decrease the risk of human error, and boost parent engagement to give all kids 0-5 the foundation to succeed in school.

Equity Gap Statement

In 2021, in Brown County, there was a 31.32-percentage point gap in 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency between White students and Latino students.

In 2021, in Brown County, there was a 24.92-percentage point gap in 8th Grade Math Proficiency between White students and Black students.

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Community Online ASQ System (C.O.A.S.)

Team Leadership

Achieve Brown County Team

Team Members

  • Christina Courtney, Birth to 3
  • Vicki Mulvey, Birth to 3
  • Amy Schuh, West De Pere
  • Patty Mevis, Green Bay Area Public Schools
  • Sarah Sugden, Brown County Library
  • Rose Navarro-Red Hail, Oneida Nation Intervention
  • Missy Schmeling, Encompass Early Education and Care
  • Jamie Tramte Brassfield, Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W.
  • Colleen Peebles, Hospital Sisters Health System/Prevea Health
  • Jill Spejcher, Bellin Health
  • Seugnet DeBauche, Bellin Health
  • Kathy Kerscher, Bellin Health