Collaborative Action

COAS Action Team

The goals of the COAS Project Team are to determine a method by which reliable communication may be maintained between all partners and to forge a solution that will continue to adapt to the changing needs and technologies of Action Team 1.1 members, in addition to future Brown County community partners. Providing universal ASQ screenings via an electronic network of early childhood service providers will increase the quality of care for children and families through wraparound services, decrease the risk of human error, and boost parent engagement to give all kids 0-5 the foundation to succeed in school. Equity Gap [...]

Collaborative Action Initiative: Reading for the Future

Collaborative Action Initiative: Reading for the Future

Collective Response Team

The Brown County Collective Response Team was formed in 2020 in response to the global pandemic. Community partners wanted a space to discuss the disruptions of everyday life that the COVID-19 was causing, share information on supports offered throughout the community, and assess unmet needs for the community. The primary purpose of this team is information sharing. Organizations in attendance share information about the community they support as well as learn about other offerings in the community. Attending these meetings also allows you to learn more about Achieve Brown County and the work we do to support equity for ALL [...]

Digital Access Action Team

The Digital Access Team was created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the prevalence of offsite/online learning modalities, digital access has become more important than ever. The team is focused on providing opportunities for K-12 students as well as post-secondary students to connect with internet-enabled devices as well as adequate internet access. The team is focused on the Brown County area and within the New North region, a region of Northeast Wisconsin comprised of 18 counties. This team consists of 12 community members who play important roles in connecting students as well as the community with the necessary [...]

Early Childhood System of Care Action Team

FAFSA+ Action Team

Graduation Task Force Action Team

Equity Gap Statement In 2020, in Brown County, there was a 13.15-percentage point gap in High School Completion between White students and First Nation students.

Reading Success Summit

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Supporting Our Students Action Team

The closure of the Supporting Our Students Action Team was announced in April 2022. The Supporting Our Students Action Team was convened at the request of several community stakeholders in response to changes in education resulting from the COVID-19 global pandemic. This action team existed to expand opportunities and address equity for students impacted by the move to off-site, virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The focus of the team’s work was on social-emotional/trauma-informed practices/professional development for non-profit partners working with students. This team is a continuation of the work of the Childcare for Students team, which was created during [...]