Give-A-Kid-A-Book & Being Thankful

By Michelle Korth

In late December, our small but mighty team volunteered with Give-A-Kid-A-Book and Toys for Tots to assist them in their holiday toy, book, and food distribution event. This was an impressive feat, with numerous volunteers and a smooth process that kept the day running quickly and efficiently. Our staff worked with parents to choose two books to take home as gifts for their children. As parents arrived at our station, their carts were full of toys and winter gear. After our station, we sent them to the food area where they received gallons of milk and multiple bags of food. I left after our shift feeling THANKFUL 

THANKFUL for the donors. Individuals and sponsors gave monetary donations and brand-new books to the Give-A-Kid-A-Book campaign. With leadership and coordination from the Friends of the Brown County Library, Give-A-Kid-A-Book was able to give two books to each of 6,784 kids. That’s over 13,000 books being brought into Brown County homes!  

THANKFUL to be a part of an organization that values volunteering and giving back to the community.  

THANKFUL for my background in education as I was able to use my knowledge of reading levels and book genres to give book suggestions to parents. Over three days, 2,422 parents could choose books for their families. 

THANKFUL for the connections made and the conversations had during our time at the event. It was fun to talk with parents about their children and find books that would be a good fit for their interests and reading levels. Having a four-year-old son myself, I was able to talk to many parents about our kids’ shared love of Paw Patrol and all things construction.  

THANKFUL for the reminder of what’s important before the holidays – connecting with and supporting neighbors and doing what we can to uplift others in our community.  

Michelle Korth is the Operations Assistant at Achieve Brown County.
Learn more about Michelle and the rest of the ABC team here.

Give-A-Kid-A-Book is a program by the Friends of the Brown County Library. 
The Friends of the Brown County Library is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that recognizes and works to improve the vital role the Brown County Library plays in making sure that local residents have lifelong access to these resources.