Reading for the Future: Updates & News (December 2023)

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Community Learning Sessions

Get caught up on the work that has been happening since the 2022 Reading Success Summit. Achieve Brown County & Weller Workshops share on the Human-Centered Design workshops, and resulting prototypes our community can activate to improve 3rd grade reading proficiencies.

Missed out on the Community Learning Session?
You can watch the video below or see the summary email that went out to participants.

Highlights from the Community Learning Sessions

Attendees used the following words to describe the Community Learning Sessions:
Rallying, Motivating, Engaging, Insightful, and Collective Impact.

Our In-Person Events: Nearly 50 community members joined ABC & Weller Workshops to give clarity and feedback around potential solutions (prototypes) to increase youth reading proficiencies. The overwhelming response from our community, from the workshops that created the prototypes and the Community Learning Sessions, fuels our excitement for the launch of Collaborative Action Teams, turning aspirations into impactful actions!

Prototype Prioritized by the Sessions’ Collective: Every Child is Ready to Read

Achieve Brown County recognizes that the voice from our Community Learning Session was not fully reflective of the collective voice of our community. We are actively taking steps to connect with missing voices and required partnerships for prototype activation. We encourage you to notify us of missing community member or agency voice. View all prototypes here. 


Action Teams are Forming

Groups called Action Teams are really important for making plans work. They find good ideas, talk to the community about what they are doing, and help put the plan to action. These groups work well when they have good leaders, meet every or every other month, and have different types of people in the group. If you understand how important reading is to your child and our community’s kids, or work in a job connected to reading (direct and indirectly), join a team!

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