Farewell, Spencer Bonnie!

By Erika Ditzman

After serving as Achieve Brown County’s Executive Director for two and a half years, Spencer Bonnie will be leaving ABC on September 2, 2021.

Since the beginning  of his career, Spencer has been passionate about helping young people overcome whatever barriers stand in their way to realize their full potential and thrive in school, work and life. Spencer was hired in 2018 as ABC’s Director of Research and was later selected as the Executive Director in 2019. During his time as Executive Director, he has further developed the organization by enhancing its core service offerings while also supporting its day-to-day activities. Spencer’s progress has led to exceptional levels of social impact. By implementing a proven community-led approach for achieving both transformational and sustainable results, ABC has created the conditions for collective impact. This has positively affected over 6,000 young people, improving ABC’s five outcome areas critical to Brown County youth and changing the systems within the community that shape opportunity.

In concordance with ABC’s commitment to equity and social justice, Spencer has held staff, key stakeholders and partners accountable. This includes seeking out and valuing all types of diversity, incorporating equitable and anti-racist practices into daily life, striving to dismantle systemic inequities and injustices.

“I fell in love with Achieve Brown County immediately—the mission, the vision, the values, the ever-deepening commitment to equity, justice and anti-racism, and especially the people who make it all happen,” said Spencer. “Achieve Brown County is truly just getting started, and I am excited to see what’s ahead.”

While Spencer is leaving ABC he will not be going far. He joins SysLogic Inc., one of ABC’s partners, as their Executive Director of Social Impact. Everyone at Achieve Brown County wishes Spencer well and success in his future endeavors!

Published: August 31, 2021