What is the Community Information System (CIS)?

By Haley Perkins


What is CIS?

The Community Information System (CIS) is a cross-sector data sharing platform stewarded by Achieve Brown County and Brown County United Way. The system is designed to merge individual-level data from healthcare, education, social services, government and nonprofit organizations.

The goal of the CIS is to study population trends that will facilitate and further the aim of improving health, wellness and academic achievement for all young people in Brown County.

The analysis of de-identified data is used for quality assessment and enhancing population-based activities related to improving health and increasing academic achievement within Brown County.

CIS is the result of an unprecedented level of cooperation between Brown County United Way and Achieve Brown County, as well as all major county health systems and school districts, and a growing number of human service providers.

What is the Purpose of CIS?

CIS exists to provide stakeholders with unique data, tools, and resources to make decisions and take actions to equitably improve socio-economic outcomes.

What is the Mission of CIS?

To combine data from multiple Brown County stakeholders and provide a holistic view of county residents’ lived experiences, which supports collective decision-making and action.

What is the Vision of CIS?

A community-wide culture of data sharing and use that measurably benefits all Brown County residents.

Published: January 25, 2021

Edited: August 5, 2021