ABC Launches COVID-19 Resource and Response Map

By Haley Perkins

Brown County COVID-19 Resource and Response Map

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The Map’s Purpose:

The Brown County COVID-19 Resource and Response Map is designed to demonstrate and assess how organizations from all sectors across the county are responding to the COVID-19 crisis and meeting the many needs of our community members.

How it Works:

The map functions just like a Google Map. Each icon represents an organization from one of the following sectors: business, childcare, food access, government, housing, nonprofit and education. When a user selects an icon, a box appears that provides information about that organization. A user can also filter organizations by selecting the corresponding link above the map.

Who it’s for:

The map is for both organizations and community members. Organizations can use the map to share information about the services they are providing, their organizational needs, and the basic needs of community members they are addressing. Community members can use the map to find and connect with organizations that are meeting a need or needs.

From Isolated Impact…to Collective Impact: How the Map Will Ultimately Be Used


As more organizations add information to the map, we can uncover needs that remain unmet in our community.

As more and more organizations contribute their information to the map, we’ll be able to comprehensively assess the needs of community members that are being met, as well as those that are increasingly unmet. From there, we can explore how organizations can come together and align to coordinate actions, collaborate toward the same goals and amplify our collective impact. Ultimately, we’re doing this to more efficiently, effectively and equitably support individuals and families across the entire county who need our help the most.

Add Your Organization’s Information to the Map:

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Published: October 29, 2020