Parents Advocating for Child Care Fellowship

By Nikki Erdmann

The Parents Advocating for Child Care (PACC) Fellowship is an opportunity for parents and caregivers of young children in child care to learn how to champion for change, specifically for early childhood care and education. The Fellowship is an 8-month virtual training program to explore what’s working and what’s not working in child care and to learn how to advocate for the changes in our communities.

We want to show the power that parents have in organizing and advocating for change in their community. We will work with the fellows to lift up the different skills, knowledge, and experience that the fellows already have and show how they can be utilized to make impactful changes in their communities.

During the Fellowship, fellows will learn:

About policy/how to influence decision makers – Understanding who makes what decisions and how and when to use  strengths, knowledge, and experience to influence decisions makers.

How to use data to support your idea – some decision makers use their head more than their heart to make decisions – so knowing how to collect data and what data to collect is really important to influence some decision makers.

How to advocate – fellows, will learn about and practice different types of advocacy. Our hope is that they will work with us to improve access to high quality child care and continue to use these skills to advocate for changes in their community.

To learn more go to the Wisconsin Partnership’s website for more information.

Published: August 12, 2020