Advancing Positive Outcomes For Young People

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Their Future. Our Mission.

To advance positive, cradle-to-career outcomes for ALL young people.

Stronger Together.

Achieve Brown County's mission is to breakdown systems that are failing kids and build systems of educational equality. We look at the seven most important milestones in youth development, study the data, gather dedicated community members, and enact solutions. No two solutions are the same. How might we do that? Our process looks like...

Our Process


Shared Community Vision

Co-create (with you!) a community vision that our whole county uses to support youth success.

Our Process


Evidence-Based Decision Making

We make decisions based on data. That means we take our jobs very seriously when we collect, research and analyze community data to paint a complete picture of what’s going on with young people.

Our Process


Collaborative Action

We take action. Together, we are stronger. Together, we can create REAL change that affects the success of future generations.

Making a Difference

* Brown County is the only community in the country where this exists.

Built and populated a Community Information System for combining individual record-level data from entities across public, private and education sectors*
Convened and facilitated a partnership between all three county health care systems to develop and implement a standardized system of developmental screening and care*
Convened and facilitated a partnership between four of the county’s eight school districts to develop and implement a standardized system of mentoring*
Created the conditions for community-led collective impact that have led to significant improvements in five of six outcomes critical to the success of Brown County youth

By the Numbers

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Ages Prenatal-5

Kindergarten Readiness

Ages 8-9

Early Grade Reading

Ages 13-14

Middle Grade Math

Ages 5-18

High School Graduation

Ages 10-18

Post Secondary Enrollment

Ages 18-24

Post Secondary Completion

Ages 18-26